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Dear Ladies,

The AGM decided that the annual membership fee will remain 60 euros. For those who have not yet paid, we kindly ask you to do so before 31 March 2023 to the AGSDL account LU95 0028 1560 1570 0000 (BILLLULL)

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The calendar for the golfing year 2023 is fixed and can be consulted here.


Some dates to be noted are:​

  • 28 April - Mixed Opening Competition, GCGD

  • 19-21 April - Foursome International, St. Cloud

  • 4-5 May - Meeting with the Spa Ladies, Clerveaux

  • 15-17 May - Trianglulaire at Belenhaff

  • 2 June - Meeting with Preisch

  • 8-9 June - Sortie découverte, Alsace

  • 26 June - 1 July - Sgaravatti, Waterloo, Belgium

  • 9-11 July - Freundschaftsspiel in Germany

  • 8-9 August - Meeting with Dutch Ladies, GC Dommel

  • 6 October - Mixed Closing Event, Belenhaff

Evening Scrambles will take place as usual on the first Monday of the month from April to October. 

The Coupe de l'Amitié is planned for 24 April in Belenhaff, 25 May in Clearvaux, 12 June at Kikuoka,

21 July in Christnach and the closing event on

12 September at GCGD.

Two Monthly Challenges are planned on 28 July at Bostalsee and 17 August in Bitburg


Please note that dates and venues may be subject to changes. 

We hope to see many of you at our events in 2023!


- * -

For other European competitions please see the

ESLGA website


We will regularly publish news and updates in order for our members to keep up to date with all our activites. Please click on the links above for further information, tournament calendar, etc. 

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