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Competitions and international meetings

organised by AGSDL



Evening Scramble

The Evening Scramble takes normally place on the first Monday of the month (from April to October). In teams of three or four, we play two rounds of the six short holes at Grand Ducal. The evening is rounded up over a casual dinner in a very friendly spirit.

Mixed opening and closing competition

For the opening and closing of the season we organise a mixed competition together with the Senior Men. Although a friendly game, it is important to win since the losing party has to pay the apéritif...

Monthly Challenge

The Monthly Challenge is a friendly Stableford competition for the AGSDL members. It is played at the various golf clubs in Luxembourg, but can also be organised at nearby ones, such as Trier, Bitburg or Preisch.

International meetings


The first Triangulaire meeting between Belgium - France - Luxembourg took place in 1981 at the Royal Golf Club in Ostende. At that time Luxembourg was represented by seven ladies.

Nowadays the competition runs over two days with a maximum of 40 Belgian ladies, 40 French ladies and maximum 20 players from Luxembourg. The Belgian players are normally very strong and have won many times. However, in 2018 the competition took place at Kikuoka and Luxembourg won for the first time since 2006!

The 2020 tournament was postponed until 2022 and took place at Royal Antwerp, and the Belgian ladies won.

Luxembourg hosted the 2023 tournament held at Golf de Luxembourg Belenhaff. There were not as many participants as usual, nevertheless the event was very successful, not least due to the fact that Luxembourg won!

In 2024 the event will take place in Bondues / France.  More information here.

Freundschaftsspiel (Länderspiel)

The D.G.S.G. contacted our organisation in 2006 and the first competition "Länderspiel Deutschland Mitte - Luxembourg" took place at Golf du Donnersberg. Every year the two teams do a match play over two day. In the past the German ladies have won almost every year. Luxembourg won in 2009, there was a draw in 2014 and we won also in 2016 and in 2018.

In 2023 the Freundschaftsspiel took place in Germany from 9-11 July.


Each year there is a meeting with the ladies from Spa; one year we play in Spa and the other in Luxembourg.

The 2023 meeting took place on 4 May in Clervaux.

The Netherlands

The first meeting with the Dutch ladies took place at GC Grand Ducal in 2018. The visiting team proved to be very strong and won the match. In 2019 the Luxembourg ladies fought back and won the return match in Wittem!

The 2020 meeting took place on 1-2 July 2021 at Belenhaff.

Next meeting will be at GC Dommel in the Netherlands on 8-9 July.

Other competitions in Luxembourg

Coupe de l'Amitié

In 2003, Madame Annette Franck created the "Coupe de l'Amitié" in order to let the Senior Ladies from all the Luxembourg clubs meet in a friendly spirit. The Coupe de l'Amitié is a team event organised by each golf club in Luxembourg.

To participate you just have to be a Senior Lady and member of a golf club affiliated to the FLG.

In 2024 the competitions will take place as follows:

29 April  -  GC de Luxembourg, Belenhaff

7 June  -  GCC Kikuoka

11 July   -  GC Clervaux

17 September - GC Grand Ducal (closing competition)


The winners of the Coupe de l'Amitié :

  • 2003 - 2012 Kikuoka GCC

  • 2013 - 2014 Golf de Luxembourg, Belenhaff

  • 2015 - Kikuoka GCC

  • 2016 - 2018 Golf de Luxembourg, Belenhaff

  • 2019 - GC Grand Ducal​

  • 2020 - Kikuoka GCC

  • 2021 - Kikuoka GCC

  • 2022 - GC Grand Ducal

  • 2023 - Golf de Luxembourg, Belenhaff

Ladies Challenge

Ladies Challenge is organised by the various Ladies Days from the clubs. All ladies who participate at Ladies Day may take part (i.e. no age limit). A different club organises it each year. 


There are no planned Ladies Day for 2023.

Senior Open

The Senior Opens are organised by the various clubs. All seniors may participate.

(Senior Interclub)

The Senior Interclub is organised by the Federation (FLG) where the clubs plays against each other. It is currently only for men, but the AGSDL is working on enabling Senior Ladies for the different clubs to participate.

Other International Competitions

International Foursomes

This magnificent tournament takes place alternatively in Brussels in Ravenstein or at Morfontaine. The foursomes are played over three days with a cut after two days.

The competition 2024 will be held at ROYAL WATERLOO GOLF CLUB “Le Lion”  in Lasne/Belgium on 16-18 April. More information here.

Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy

In 1981 Marisa Sgaravatti, an Italian Marchioness, started to create tournaments between three countries in Europe. She loved the game of golf and she played in numerous competitions all over Europe. It was thanks to her that the first Female Senior European tournament took place.

Marisa Sgaravatti wanted to give ladies with a low handicap, but not qualifying for the best team of their country, a chance to represent their countries and to compete internationally. In 1984 Anne Bouton suggested to start a European Team Tournament. The European Team Championships for Senior Ladies (The Marisa Sgaravatti Trophy) was born and is played every year in a different European country.

The 2023 competition will take place 26-30 June at RGC Waterloo, Belgium.

*Dates for 2024 may be subject to change, please always check with the calendar and/or your club.

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