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Association Committee


The association was established on 31 January 1992.


It adopted the legal form of a non-profit association (asbl) on May 21, 1999.   The articles were published in the Mémorial C number 553 on July 19, 1999 .


The Annual General Meeting is convened in the month of January.


The association is managed by a Committee elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years. The members of the outgoing Committee may be reelected.



The Committee in 2014 is composed as follows :


Chair: Mrs France Dautrement - Munhowen

Vice- Chair: Mrs Annette Franck

Captain: Mrs Bodil Schaaphok

Treasurer: Mrs An Geerinck

Member: Mrs Andrea Bellardi - Ricci

Member: Mrs Daisy Garand

Member: Mrs Valerie Glover

Member: Mrs Renee Hentges - Neiens

Member: Mrs Sabine Klotzbücher

Member: Mrs Nicole Miller

Member: Mrs Margot Wagner


The registered address of the association is at:

Golf Club Grand Ducal

1 Route de Treves

L- 2663 Senningerberg


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