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In 1978 the senior ladies of the Golf Club Grand Ducal elected Annette Franck as their captain to lead a team to participate in international competitions. Thus, in March 1978 the Luxembourg team participated in the first Tournament of Nations (now called International Championship of the French Riviera) which was held in Valescure and Mont Agel. More than 60 golfers from all over Europe took part in the meeting, which since then has been held every year on the French Riviera.


In October of the same year, a team of five players was invited to Padua by the President, Mrs. Sgaravatti. The tournament, which now bears the name "Marisa Sgaravatti Throphy" in memory of the initiator, has been held every year since 1991 in another European country.

Historique de l'Association



In May 1979, at an extraordinary general meeting, older ladies of the Golf Club Grand Ducal (then the only golf club in Luxembourg) decided to establish their own section under the name "Association of Women Seniors GCGD "adapting the status of senior golfers. The Association had 25 members.

In 1981, the first triangular match between Belgium-Luxembourg-France was played at the Royal Golf Club in Ostend. Luxembourg was represented by seven players.

From 1988 to 1993 another triangular was held between the BENELUX (Belgium - Netherlands - Luxembourg).

A Luxembourg team participated in various invitations from Mrs. Teewaag, president of the Deutsche Gesellschaft Golf-Seniorinnen (DGGS), for several years from 1982 on with golf matches played at Starnberg - Bad Wiesse - St Eurach - Feldafing - Krefeld - Bergischland and Georghausen.

With the creation of new golf clubs in Luxembourg, "Seniors Golf Association Ladies of GCGD" decided to open their membership to all ladies senior members of all clubs in the Grand Duchy.  Thus on 31 January 1992 the "Association de Golf Senior Dames de Luxembourg" was established with its headquarters at the Golf Club Grand Ducal.

An interclub between Strasbourg / Illkirch and Luxembourg existed between 1994 and 2013.

In 1998 the Association had 61 members, 54 of GCGD, 4 Belenhaff Club, 2 Club Kikuoka and one club member Clervaux.

In 1999, the Articles of Association were revised and submitted to the memorial for final publication.


In 2006, D.G.S.G. resumed contact with our organisation and we played the first Länderspiel Deutschland Mitte - Donnersberg v Luxembourg.

At its peak in 2011, the Association had 74 members, 48 ​​from GCGD, 8 Belenhaff club members, 10 members from Kikuoka, 3 Clervaux club members, 2 from Gaichel and three Christnach club members.


Currently the association has 58 members and is aiming to re-energise the association and its members by recruiting younger seniors and organising more events.


Annette Franck 1979-2002

Marianne Hamilius from 2003 to 2005

Ms. France Dautrement - Munhowen of 2006-2014

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